Prometheus Monitoring Spreads through the Internet

It has been almost three months since we publicly announced Prometheus version 0.10.0, and we're now at version 0.13.1.

SoundCloud's announcement blog post remains the best overview of the key components of Prometheus, but there has been a lot of other online activity around Prometheus. This post will let you catch up on anything you missed.

In the future, we will use this blog to publish more articles and announcements to help you get the most out of Prometheus.

Using Prometheus

Posts on how to use Prometheus comprise the majority of online content. Here are the ones we're aware of with the part of the ecosystem they cover:


These articles look at how Prometheus fits into the broader picture of keeping services up and running:


Monitoring isn't just about the technical details. How it affects the design of your systems, operations, and human factors are important too:

The comments on the Hacker News post about Prometheus are also insightful.


Several posts have appeared in languages beyond English:


Finally, I'd like to share how to run Prometheus on a Raspberry Pi.