Prometheus at CloudNativeCon 2017

Prometheus at CloudNativeCon 2017

Wednesday 6th December is Prometheus Day at CloudNativeCon Austin, and we’ve got a fantastic lineup of talks and events for you. Go to the Prometheus Salon for hands on advice on how best to monitor Kubernetes, attend a series of talks on various aspects of Prometheus and then hang out with some of the Prometheus developers at the CNCF booth, all followed by the Prometheus Happy Hour. Read on for more details...

Prometheus Salon (11:10am - 12:30pm)

Featuring talks from Prometheus developers, this salon will include an introduction to Prometheus, a closer look at how you can use Prometheus to monitor your Kubernetes cluster, and a discussion of the new features in Prometheus 2.0. The session will include hands-on access to a live Prometheus and Kubernetes cluster, allowing you to experiment with PromQL queries to gain deeper insights into your Kubernetes clusters.

The RED Method: How To Instrument Your Services (2:45pm - 3:20pm)

Tom from Kausal will cover patterns of application instrumentation, where and when they are applicable, and how they can be implemented with Prometheus. Covering Google’s Four Golden Signals, the RED Method and the USE Method, this talk will also discuss why consistency is an important approach for reducing cognitive load. Finally it will discuss the limitations of these approaches and what can be done to overcome them.

Meet the Maintainers (3:30pm)

Prometheus developers Frederic Branczyk (@brancz), Goutham Veeramachaneni (@Gouthamve) and Tom Wilkie (@tomwilkie) will be at the 'Meet the Maintainers' lounges in the Sponsor Showcase to field all your Prometheus-related questions. Come say hi!

A Practical Guide to Prometheus for App Developers (Wed 4:25pm - 5:00pm)

This talk will first outline how Weaveworks runs production cloud-native apps on Kubernetes, uses Prometheus for monitoring, and open-source tools they have built to implement continuous delivery. Ilya will go on to explain step-by-step how simple it is to instrument an app, using a very generic Node.js app as reference.

"If you Don’t Monitor your Infrastructure, you Don’t Own it!” Regain Control Thanks to Prometheus (4:25pm - 5:00pm)

The French FedEx company uses Prometheus to monitor their infrastructure. This talk will discuss the use of Prometheus in production, why they chose Prometheus, how they integrated it, configured it and what kind of insights they extracted from the whole infrastructure. In addition, this talk will discuss how Prometheus changed their way of working, how they implemented self-healing based on Prometheus, how they configured systemd to trigger AlertManager API, integration with slack and other cool stuff.

Prometheus Happy Hour (8-10pm)

After such a busy day, we'll be off to the Westin rooftop at Azul to soak up the Austin skyline, drink in hand! Go and reserve your spot now.